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About Us

LiLy SaNa HairCare is a brand new hair care company, designed to help transform your hair into salon quality on a daily basis. As a new brand on the market, we are committed to bringing out gold standard hair straighteners before expanding into the world of full hair care products. What makes our brand so unique, is our commitment to ensuring that all hair straighteners will only ever be produced at the highest of quality by using Tourmaline-Ceramic plates which guarantees shinier, silkier and healthier hair.

Founder and CEO of LiLy SaNa HairCare, Lisa-Lyna Abangma, gives us an insight into how her vision came to light:

“As a young, cosmopolitan, woman with a love for hair and beauty, who is constantly changing hairstyles, I found that it was hard for me to find a hair straightener that could easily adapt to the ever changing styles of my hair without feeling like I was being ridiculously overpriced. One minute I am enjoying styling my natural afro hair which is of course and thick texture, and the next minute I have long flowing tresses, thanks to the use of human hair extensions. This meant, needing a straightener that could not only safely straighten my natural hair, but one that would need to style my hair when in extensions, with the correct amount of heat. This, in turn, got me thinking about my diverse range of friends from all ethnicities with all hair types and the limitations that we all face with various hair products on the market. On the market, there are so many products that only cater for specific hair types but not for all. I decided I needed a hair straightener that could not only be used by people with similar hair types like my own, but would also benefit any hair type whether curly, wavy, fine, course etc. This was where, (through my research) I knew my hair straightener needed to be produced to such an exquisite level that it would allow enough versatility to be used on all hair types whilst providing an affordable, professional, salon finish.

Fast forward, and here we are today, proud to bring you, the highest quality of hair straighteners that can provide you with not only that sleek, straight finish but can also accentuate your hairstyle with added volume and curls.

Trust LiLy SaNa HairCare to give you salon quality hair on a daily basis. We stay true to our slogan and that is to continue to provide you with Products that Care for ALL types of Hair. Grow with us on this journey, as we become a truly recognisable and favoured hair care brand within the hair and beauty industry.”