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What are tourmaline ceramic plates?

Tourmaline ceramic plates are considered to be the gold standard of hair straightening plates because of its ability to generate negatively charged moisture locking ions that react with positive ions found in dry hair, that gives a result of shinier, silkier and healthier hair. It is made from the semi-precious gemstone Tourmaline and is made by being ground down to dust form and applied to ceramic plates, resulting in Tourmaline-Ceramic plates.


Why do you use digital straighteners?

We found that all hair types will require different heat settings for their desired style. This is why we ensured that the heat for our hair straighteners were digitally adjustable to cater to the needs of each individual person and their hair type.  This is also why we will commit to always to making sure the heat of our straighteners are digitally adjustable.

Can your straighteners really be used on all hair types?

Yes, this is what makes our tourmaline ceramic plates so special. They are specifically designed to suit all hair types.

How many strokes does it take to straighten a piece of hair?

Our fast acting straighteners normally straighten here in about 2-3 strokes. To curl the hair, it only takes 1-2 strokes to get your desired curl.

So your straighteners can be used to curl her as well?

Yes, our straighteners come with such heat and impeccable finishing that they are able to curl her as well as straighten it.

Can I return my item?

Yes, you can return your item, as long as it is unused and in its original packaging. Please see the ‘Returns Policy’ for details.

I bought one of your hair straighteners but I would now like to change it for a different one!

Yes, we are happy to exchange your item for another one of our products, providing the item is unused, unopened and in its original packaging.

My order is incorrect/ faulty, why do I have to pay postage to send it back?

We aim to get your order right every time but in the event a mistake happens please contact our returns department at and if you are within the UK we will issue you with a free returns label to send it back to us. For international customers we will refund the postage costs.

The straightener I want to buy is now out of stock. Will you be getting this back?

In cases where our straighteners our out of stock, we will either be restocking again soon our bringing out a new style, similar to that, that was sold out.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, shipping can take between 7-15 working days and shipping costs must be paid by yourself. Please see our ‘Delivery Policy’ for more details

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery is Free for all orders in the UK, but it is chargeable for international shipments, depending on the country the item is being shipped to. Please see ‘Delivery Policy’ for details.

For any further information or questions please contacts us at